Stretch ceilings: pros and cons

It would seem that quite recently the ceilings to be perceived by us as a kind of gimmick, and now you can see them almost every second or third one. The benefits of these ceilings really made them very popular, and many people were very willing to arrange ceilings at home, because this solution allows you to avoid the painful need to systematically whitewash or paint the ceiling. However, the ceilings also have some disadvantages. Let's see, what exactly are they good for, and what can be flawed. What is made? For the manufacture of modern suspended ceiling specialists are allowed in the course of two kinds of material – polyester fabric, as well as the film of PVC, the thickness of which is in the range from 0.1 to 0.4 mm. And on the appearance of the finished fabric can be arbitrarily varied: both matte and satin or glossy. In General, all these paintings are environmentally friendly, very easy to install and can boast of the ability to take a variety of shapes, making them especially attractive in the development of numerous design solutions. Advantages One of the main advantages of stretch ceilings is a very decent savings spent on renovations of time. If the installation of suspended ceilings made of plasterboard can easily take several days or even weeks, suspended ceilings will not be difficult to mount in just one day, a maximum of two! Especially nice that they do not require any preparatory work – do not need any removal of old and lost his trademark layers of plaster, no leveling, no painting or whitewashing! And at the completion of installation of stretch ceilings are left with debris! And, among other things, required the removal of furniture from the premises in this case is also not required! Following the undeniable advantage of suspended ceilings is their impressive reliability and durability. The minimum warranty period of operation is ten years, and even after this time they do not lose any of its strength or the original color or texture of the fabric! In the absence of exposure to any mechanical or external factors and the fabric, and the mounting bracket has steadily maintained its reliability and impressive strength for thirty years! © ruvita.

ru ceilings – fully safe design. They are eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, has no smell, does not rot, does not exude any toxic substances, but also boast excellent resistance. In short, these ceilings are in full compliance with all recognized international standards and norms! Modern ceilings are characterized by excellent thermal insulation properties and excellent ability to absorb sound and an impressive water resistance. Even in case of flooding neighbors living above the canvases can easily withstand a load up to one hundred liters of water for every square meter, thereby eliminating the in like a flood, and possible damage to furniture and a whole host of other interior items. And air flow, located between the main ceiling and stretched just below it with foil, provides excellent insulation! Stretch ceiling never condensation, they do not corrode, does not have properties attractive to accumulate on the surface of dust, static electricity, in addition, they do not show any stains or smudges! The practicality of such ceilings are just above all praise! And equally easy to assemble and disassemble. Thus, if there is such a need, unmounted canvas and you can always pull at the ceiling again, and the quality will still not be lost! And in the case of deformation or shrinkage of the buildings (which sooner or later will almost inevitably) the surface of suspended ceilings will not crumble or crack, and they will not appear chips! © not to mention the aesthetics of suspended ceilings, because these ceilings allow you to effortlessly create perfectly smooth and beautiful surface, perfectly masking not only all kinds of gross defects of the main ceiling, but also the wiring, and a great many other wires. And the variety of design solutions allows you to choose the ceiling in any color and flavor – gloss, satin or matte, with or without drawings, in several levels or one. If you wish, you can even book a ceiling in the form of a starry sky – way, the scientists were able to determine that such ceilings are perfect to help relieve fatigue, and improve well-being! Disadvantages of suspended ceilings certain disadvantages, however, they are much smaller than the benefits.

The main disadvantage of such structures is considered to be a very high cost of the canvas and install it. However, perfect appearance as well as safety, durability, and a number of other benefits more than cover this is not so significant disadvantage! Another very important disadvantage, which is also in no case should not be discounted is the instability to the effects of piercing or sharp objects. As a rule, it is mainly paintings of PVC. The fact is that used for the manufacture of stretch ceilings film is very thin material, so to clean or wash the ceilings should be only a very soft cloth. If the ceiling was accidentally cut, you can neatly put it on a patch. However, if you strictly follow all the rules and recommendations for care, cuts and punctures on stretch ceilings can very easily be avoided! Can not boast ceilings and resistance too low or too high temperatures, that is, quite safely use them on the balcony or in the bath is unlikely to succeed even if they wanted to. At low temperatures paintings gradually lose their elasticity and become fragile and start to crack, and in too high temperature characteristics, they can easily deform and lose its original properties to such an extent that re-installing them will be impossible. © In General, the ceilings – a truly remarkable design, that's why, when choosing between whitewashing, painting, ceilings or suspended ceilings, many people are happy to stop your choice on the last version!.